5 Reasons an Agent is Better Than an Internet Search When Buying a Home in Las Vegas

Today, all the information you need about almost anything is right there at your fingertips online. You can also search for and buy a home online at one of those big online listing sites. But often that raw data on the Internet just isn’t enough, especially when you’re searching for and buying a home, and buying a home online, despite all the tech advances, leaves much to be desired. The undeniable truth is that most home buyers are still better off using a real estate agent. Here are 5 reasons an agent is better than an Internet search when buying a home in Las Vegas.

1. Detecting a Home’s Real Problems

An important part of buying a home in Las Vegas or anywhere else involves detecting the problems in potential homes. It can help you avoid making a costly purchase mistake and will give you greater negotiating leverage.

With an Internet search, all you have to go on are those listing photos, which usually don’t tell the whole story. In those professional photos, the homes have been carefully staged and curb appeal optimized. Taken in the perfect light and at just the right angles, those photos usually make homes appear better than they actually are. Online searchers are then seduced by mere appearance and aren’t able to see more important underlying issues.

An agent, however, can help you look beyond the snazzy staging and beautiful appearance. Your agent will have an eye for more important matters like foundation issues, water damage, and HVAC problems. Basically, an agent can help you objectively assess a home. Contact a Las Vegas agent at (702) 818-0747 to discover more on this.

2. Avoiding Code Violations

Using an agent instead of an Internet search when buying a home in Las Vegas is also beneficial because it’s a good way to avoid buying a home with code violations. Your agent will have a trained eye and will be an expert at spotting potential violations, which can dramatically affect a home’s value. Your agent will delve into the home’s construction so that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into before you make an offer. It can take a big chunk of money to put code violations right.

3. Seeing the Investment Potential

Most people buying a home in Las Vegas are operating primarily at an emotional level and consider only how nice it will be to live in the lovely new home. But that’s far from the only thing you need to consider – the investment potential is also important.

What an agent and not an Internet search can do is assess a home as a potential investment. Your agent can provide the critical neighborhood context – that is, whether homes in the neighborhood are appreciating or decreasing in value. Another important point is resale potential. You may, for example, love the floor plan, but it may be utterly unappealing to potential buyers in the future.

Your agent can help you avoid buying a home that will ultimately prove to be a poor investment. Again, to find out more, consult a Las Vegas agent by calling (702) 818-0747.

4. A Broad Professional Network

Buying a home is a transactional process that involves and requires the services of a host of professionals. Good agents have access to a broad network of other professionals so that you’ll have easy access to all the services you’ll need.

Real estate agents are in constant contact with reliable inspectors, attorneys, and contractors. What this means for you is that by tapping their network, you’ll save many hours and much effort. You won’t have to hunt up and vet all these professionals on your own.

5. Handling the Emotional Aspect

And you won’t get any emotional support from the Internet. Buying a home can be a long, overwhelming, and emotionally draining process. Your agent, though, can provide the support and guidance to bring you through to closing at the end. An agent can also help you avoid making a purchasing decision based on emotion alone. 

Reap the Benefits of an Agent When Buying a Home

Ultimately, for most people, using an agent is better than an Internet search when buying a home in Las Vegas. The benefits are many and substantial. If you’re considering buying a home in Las Vegas and want to reap these benefits, contact us today at (702) 818-0747.

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