5 Incredible Ideas to Rock Your Las Vegas Open House This Summer

Right now is the perfect time to drum up buyer interest and get serious bidding wars going over your for-sale home. Let’s give those interested parties the opportunity to come and witness what your home has to offer with our 5 incredible ideas to rock your Las Vegas open house this summer.

Push Your Listing

Having a successful open house comes primarily from getting the word out. Even if you’re employing the services of an agent there’s plenty of groundwork you can accomplish as the home seller. 

These days using social media is the fastest way to help generate additional buyer interest, and it requires very little effort on your part. The best way to handle this is to create a simple post linking your home listing and share it with your friends and in any local groups that allow real estate posts. 

For an added boost, ask your friends and family to share your post with their friends to cast that net even wider. This may seem like a small thing, but it can quickly get more potential buyers seeing that your house is for sale, and it could fit their needs.

Create Ambiance

It doesn’t take much to add the extra touches to your home that will make your open house memorable. 

The classic strategy of baking cookies just prior to the open house can not only reinforce a welcoming atmosphere but help to cover up unpleasant, lingering odors if you have pets. An obvious but rarely utilized option is to play some soft, pleasant music during the open house. The downside to using background music is that it can become distracting to some buyers. 

Finally, think about taking a quick trip to your local hardware store to pick up some potted plants to help fill out areas in your home that may feel a bit empty or need a little splash of color.

Highlight the Draws

Your for sale home’s listing should do a spectacular job of focusing on its strengths while downplaying any negative factors, and your open house should do the same. 

One way to make this happen is to arrange furniture in living spaces to help set up focal points within a room. For instance, a living room with a fireplace should have furniture placed facing it to help draw attention in that direction. 

The same thing can be done with entertainment centers, firepits, or even pieces of art.

Embrace Seasonal Decor

We all have our feelings about using seasonal decor within our everyday living space, but it’s important to remember that a large part of your open house is about pandering to a target demographic. 

Using warm, inviting color palettes is always recommended, but accenting your normal decor with seasonal, holiday colors helps to add another layer of coziness to the whole picture. There will certainly forever be a market for the idealized home life, and we often associate that picturesque lifestyle with traditional themes of family and holidays. 

The use of subdued, warm colors is welcoming and can be used to make any space feel livelier and fuller.

Listen to the Pros

We always suggest shopping around and hiring a qualified and experienced real estate agent to represent you and your property. 

The reason for this is that agents come equipped with knowledge of your local market, prevailing trends, and your target buyer which will be invaluable. Their expertise extends to prepping for and operating your open house. 

Therefore, any advice your agent may have should be strongly considered despite your personal feelings. Your agent gains nothing by leading you in the wrong direction, and they are there to do everything to make your home’s sale a success.

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