If you’ve come to this page, odds are you’re looking for information on short sales. There’s so many questions I can help you answer here. What are short sales? What can I expect? What do I need to do? All of this and more can be found in one of the videos below. Of course, if you have more detailed questions or want to go over your personal circumstance, nothing would be better than for us to connect. So if you find yourself still filled with questions that aren’t answered here, reach out to me anytime!

What is a short sale? How do I qualify for a short sale?

What Is a Short Sale? How do I Qualify?
Have you thought about selling your house for less than you owe? If you’re wondering what exactly a short sale is and if you would qualify, check out my video going over the most commonly asked questions I get about this.

Can I do a short sale without being in default?

Can I do a short sale without being in default?
Doing a short sale is possible without being in default and having that notice of default filed. Yes, it’s possible! I know you have got questions, so watch my video to get some more information on circumstances.

Will I owe money after doing a short sale?

Will I owe money after my short sale?
Will you owe money after doing a short sale? Well, let me help you answer that. There a different types of short sale approval letters and you should be very mindful of the terms in the letters. This is why having someone experienced in short sales to help you through the process can make all the difference.

Do I have to pay out of pocket to do a short sale?

Do I have to pay out of pocket for a short sale?
Does a short sale cost money? It can, yes, if you choose to pay for professional short sale negotiation services. On one hand it does not cost you to go through a short sale process yourself. There’s more factors to what the cost of a short sale is and that can greatly depend on who you choose to utilize for assistance, should you choose to do so.

What is a hardship? What is a hardship letter?

What is a hardship? What is a hardship letter?
What details a hardship? Why do you need a hardship letter and what should it contain? I’ve got the answers here for you!

Can I buy again after a short sale?

Can I buy a house after a short sale?
This is a big question I get all the time as thinking you may not be able to buy again would be very devastating. But it’s not the case, you can buy again.

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